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The animation was pretty good, the joke's nothing particularly new, but you still pulled it off well. My only grievance is the audio quality, try buying a new microphone or using a new recording program to help clean it up a bit.

Other than that, good job

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Holy crap, just stop it with these already. They're not good, there's no talent in these videos at all.

First off, I'd like to let you know that I absolutely love the idea of these lowly side character getting their own series.

Now the video, I see numerous areas that you can do to improve in, for instance, cleaning up your lines, adding more frames to make everything move smoother, adding more sound effects and improving on the voice acting and creating a better looking video in general...

But it sure is funny, I'll give you that. I would just love to see the videos improve in quality.

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I wasn't expecting this!

This was actually a very fun game! Kudos to you for the masterful use of Gustav Holst's Mars the Bringer of War, also!

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GENIUS! It was brilliant! I felt like I was actually there!

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Hello my baby!

Hello my honey! Hello my rag time gal!

All jokes aside, this picture came out fantastic, great work!

I'll get those smurfs one day!!!

Awesome picture, it looks great, particularly the lighting. Anyway, I could only think of the Smurfs and their mushroom houses when I saw this

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Absolutely amazing

Which one is the real you? I would say the mustache toting general badass on the right, keep up the awesome!

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